Committed to knowledge translation for evidence-based collective action, we are a group of dedicated researchers with expertise in health policy, epidemiology, data analytics, law, governance and more. We embrace an organizational culture of equitable collaboration and contribution as each of us brings a unique skillset essential to the different elements of the research process.

With a strong belief in cultivating the next generation of change-makers and scientists, GSL has collaborated with a diverse range of individuals on past projects and publications.

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Mohsin Ali (Research Associate, 2014-2015)
Reema Bakshi (Research Fellow, 2017-2018)
Prativa Baral Link (Research Fellow, 2017-2022)
Asha Behdinan (Research Assistant, 2014-2018)
Varun Bhardwaj (Research Assistant, 2017-2018)
Andrea Morales Caceres Link (Research Fellow, 2020-2022)
Brooke Campus (Advisor, Strategy & Planning, 2018-2022)
Adèle Cassola (Public Health Institutions Director, 2018-2023) 
Cordelia Chik (Research Assistant, 2022-2023)
Clarke Cole (Research Assistant, 2014-2015)
Natasha Dhingra (Research Assistant, 2015)
Dimitrios Douglas (i4C Team Member, 2014-2018)
Tieneke Dykstra (Research Assistant, 2021)
Bente Faugli (i4C Team Member, 2014-2018)
Juli Finlay Link (Senior Health Policy Research Analyst, 2019-2022)
Neda Foroughian (Research Assistant, 2018)
Gaelle Groux (Post-Bachelor Research Assistant, 2015-2016)
Elliot J. Gunn (Research Assistant, 2016-2017)
Efua Gyan (Research Assistant, 2018)
Matthew Hughsam (Research Assistant, 2014-2019)
Berit Sofie Hustad Hembre (i4C Team Member, 2014-2018)
Nicole Jedrzejko (Research Coordinator, 2014)
Annie Jones (Communications Coordinator, 2016-2017)
Aneesh Karir (Research Assistant, 2016-2017)
Krista Kruja (Research Assistant, 2016-2017)
Olivia Lee (Research Assistant, 2014-2016)
Ben Li (Research Assistant, 2014-2015)
Binxi Li (Research Assistant, 2018)
Gigi Lin Link (Data Analyst, 2020-2023)
Mathura Mahendren (Research Assistant, 2014-2015)
Jessica Mammone (Research Assistant, 2014-2015)
Yasmeen Mansoor (Research Assistant, 2014-2017)
Margaret MacAulay Link (Investigator, 2020-2022)

Phoebe McAuley Link (Executive Assistant, 2017-2022)
Tanner McInnis (Research Assistant, 2015-2016)
Brittany McNena (Research Associate, 2017)
Navneet Natt (Research Assistant, 2014-2017)
Ranjana Nagi (Research Fellow, 2017-2024)
Alissa Ng (Financial Assistant, 2021-22)
Michèle Palkovits Link (Policy Advisor, 2020-2022)
Mark Pearcey (Research Associate, 2014-2015)
Hark Randawa (Research Assistant, 2014-2019)
Zain Rizvi (Research Assistant, 2014-2015)
Sarah Rostom (Research Associate, 2014)
Kevin Sachs (Communications Coordinator, 2019-2021)
Nicola Sahar (Research Assistant, 2015-2017)
Sarah Silverberg (Research Assistant, 2013-2017)
Archita Srivastava (Research Assistant, 2015-2017)
Jessica St. Pierre (Research Assistant, 2017)
Tanishq Suryavanshi (Research Assistant, 2014-2017)
Agatha Suszek (Research Assistant, 2017-2018)
Vivian Tam (Research Assistant, 2014-2016)
Ali Tejpar (Research Assistant, 2015-2018)
Serena Tejpar Link  (Research Assistant, 2019-2022)
Maxwell Tran (Research Assistant, 2015-2017)
Joslyn Trowbridge (Investigator, 2021-2023)
Kelsey Vercammen (Research Assistant, 2015-2017)
Carolyne Wang (Research Assistant, 2014-2015)
Leah Watson Link (Research Fellow, 2019-2022)
Lindsay Wilson (Epidemiologist, 2020-2022)
Julia Woo (Research Assistant, 2014-2017)
Kyler Woodmass (Research Assistant, 2018-2019)
Caroline Woodward (Research Coordinator 2020-2021)
Alex Young Son Lee (Research Assistant, 2015-2016)
Laura Zeno (Financial Coordinator, 2020)