Mission & Focus

We advise governments and public health organizations on how to design laws, policies and institutions that make the world a healthier place for everyone.

Directed by Dr. Steven J. Hoffman and Dr. Mathieu J.P. Poirier, and headquartered at York University and the University of Ottawa, the Lab focuses on three unifying features:

  1. Interdisciplinarity: To be intensely interdisciplinary and equity-minded in generating evidence on different global strategies in response to transnational health threats and social inequalities
  2. Research methodology: To be globally oriented in being methods-focused when developing new analytic, empirical, and big data methods
  3. Knowledge translation: Translating research into evidence-based collective action with a policy impact in the social sciences through developing global strategies and training the next generation of leaders in global governance, law and politics

No single set of actors has shown itself capable of addressing today’s multifaceted challenges. Reforming global institutional architecture requires knowledge, expertise and evidence about the various technologies of institutional change – including the full range of legal, political, social and economic strategies – that can help achieve changes that are sought.

The Global Strategy Lab will work to ensure this need is met and opportunity maximized for a healthier, safer and more equitable future through our research contributions.