Arne Ruckert

Director of Policy

Arne Ruckert is the Director of Policy at the Global Strategy Lab’s AMR Policy Accelerator. His previous academic work revolved around understanding how social determinants of health are driving global health inequities, using political economy and social sciences approaches. More recently, he has researched the governance and surveillance of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) drawing on the One Health approach, as well as the role of equity considerations in the Canadian policy response to the Coronavirus pandemic. From 2019 to 2023, Arne directed the research activities of the Global One Health Network, and was the Managing Director of the Globalization and Health Equity Research Unit at the University of Ottawa.

Arne has worked as a policy consultant for various development organizations (including the North-South Institute, and the Canadian Council for International Cooperation), international organizations (WHO), and the Canadian government (Health Canada and Public Health Agency of Canada). He has received a number of academic awards and honours, including the British Medical Association Book of the Year Award (2021), and the International Studies Association`s (ISA) Robert W. Cox Award (2008). He has co-edited various collections and has published close to 100 articles in the area of global health and development in leading academic journals, and co-authored an award-winning textbook with Oxford University Press (Health Equity in a Globalizing Era, 2019).

Arne holds an M.A. in International Relations from Queen’s University, a Diploma degree from the University of Frankfurt in Social Studies, and a PhD in Political Science from Carleton University.

Recent Publications