An AMR Protocol Would Protect Lives in Future Pandemics 

In this January 31, 2024 Globalisation and Health commentary, Developing a protocol on antimicrobial resistance through WHO’s pandemic treaty will protect lives in future pandemics Link the AMR Policy Accelerator’s Arne Ruckert, Shajoe Lake and Susan Rogers Van Katwyk propose that the introduction of an AMR protocol under Article 31 of the pandemic treaty could address three of the most complex AMR policy challenges that require sustained global collaboration. The commentary draws on successful design examples from existing protocols, such as the Montreal Protocol. 


February 1, 2024

Webinar: Is “co-existing” with microbes the key to addressing AMR?


February 12, 2024

Global Strategy Lab Redesignated as WHO Collaborating Centre on Antimicrobial Resistance Governance