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Susan Rogers Van Katwyk

Managing Director, AMR Policy Accelerator

Research Director, Global Antimicrobial Resistance, Adjunct Professor, York University

Susan leverages her extensive background in global AMR policy to oversee the development and implementation of work for the AMR Policy Accelerator and the Global AMR research stream. She is an epidemiologist with significant experience engaging policymakers and mobilizing interdisciplinary teams to improve policy implementation, evaluation and decision making at national and international levels.

Susan has experience working in AMR and global health policy as an expert advisor, researcher, and consultant for several national governments, and UN agencies, including UNAIDS, WHO, and FAO. Her research, focused on generating evidence-informed policy recommendations for global health and infectious disease threats, has been published in leading journals, including BMJ, PLOS Medicine, the Proceedings of the National Academies of Science and The Lancet.

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