Professor Patrick Fafard Nominated for Research Chair in Science Diplomacy

Professor Patrick Fafard, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ottawa, and Professor Pascal Griset, Sorbonne University in Paris.

GSL Research Director of Public Health Institutions, Patrick Fafard, and Co-Director of the International School of Science Diplomacy, Professor Pascal Griset, have been appointed as Research Chairs in Science Diplomacy at the University of Ottawa. 

The University of Ottawa and the Embassy of France in Canada have established the Research Chair in Science Diplomacy to tackle unique science diplomacy challenges.  The new position aims to create a unified approach towards enhancing global health and security.  

Led by Professor Patrick Fafard from the University of Ottawa and Pascal Griset from Sorbonne University in Paris, the researchers will explore two case studies looking at the challenges and opportunities in science diplomacy: 
1) The first case study looks at how science can bring people together and make both national and global security stronger. The researchers will see if it is possible to connect the universal ideas of science with the needs of national security. 

2) They will also investigate the global challenge of antimicrobial resistance (AMR). Under Professor Fafard’s expertise, their work will highlight the importance of mitigating AMR by creating better global health governance tools, building better institutions, and addressing the issue collectively.  

Learn more about the Research Chair in Science Diplomacy here.  


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