Integrating Science And Politics For Public Health: Insights From Canadian Public Health Association Conference 2023

Quote card highlighting Dr. Adele Cassola. The card reads: Influencing public health policymaking requires engaging with the inherently political nature of public health. There are lots of opportunities and tools to do this. But they have to be understood and engage with intentionally and strategically.

On June 21st, GSL Senior Investigator Patrick Fafard and GSL Research Director of Public Health Institutions Adèle Cassola attended the highly anticipated Canadian Public Health Association Conference 2023, where they presented a session on “Integrating Science and Politics for Public Health.” The presentation highlighted how public health can enhance its effectiveness by recognizing the political aspects inherent in the field.

Dr. Fafard and Dr. Cassola shed light on the intrinsic political nature of both evidence and policymaking within public health. Dr. Cassola explained the significance of actively engaging with the political nature of public health in order to influence policymaking.

Integrating Science and Politics for Public Health” examines the intersection of public health and political science. Edited by Patrick Fafard, Adèle Cassola and Evelyne de Leeuw, Professor at the University of New South Wales, this book bridges the divide between political science and public health, whilst simultaneously embracing the complexities and differences of both.

Read the open access book:


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