Pandemic Instrument Negotiations: The Need for Collective Responsibility 

Drawing on the Principles and Guidelines on Human Rights and Public Health Emergencies, Roojin Habibi spoke at the Human Rights 75 roundtable on what a declaration on the rights of future generations might say on pandemic prevention, preparedness, and response. 

Roojin elaborated on the potential facets of such a declaration, underscoring how it could serve to elucidate and propel the convergence of health and human rights norms.

Her call to action was directed towards the assembly of delegates:

  • Elevate prevention to a paramount concern within the global human rights community.
  • Rein in corporate influence on public health.
  • Institutionalize public deliberation in policymaking.

Listen to Roojin’s interventions (starting at 1:46:00) below.


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