Roojin Habibi Embarks on a New Journey as Assistant Professor at University of Ottawa’s Common Law Section

We celebrate Roojin Habibi‘s milestone starting a new opportunity as Assistant Professor at University of Ottawa’s Common Law Section. Roojin’s expertise will bring significant contributions to the field of law and enrich the academic experience for students.

Having completed her studies in the French Common Law Program (PCLF) in 2018, Professor Roojin Habibi brings a diverse wealth of knowledge spanning international law, health law, and human rights. Her distinguished profile includes roles as a Senior Visiting Fellow at the United Nations University’s International Institute for Global Health and a Research Fellow at both the Global Strategy Lab at York University and the University of Ottawa.

Roojin is excited to step back into her role at the University of Ottawa, a place she fondly calls “home.” She envisions enriching the education of aspiring law students and imparting valuable insights gained through her own experiences. She attests that Ottawa, the nation’s capital, offers unparalleled opportunities for hands-on learning, an aspect she eagerly looks forward to exploring with her students.

Professor Habibi will teach courses in public and constitutional law, as well as public and global health law. Her multidisciplinary approach, bridging law and global health, will offer students unique perspectives on the evolving legal landscape and its impact on public welfare.

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