Unpacking AMR Takes Off

We are excited to announced that we have launched our first episode of Unpacking AMR: It’s more than bugs and drugs! The Unpacking AMR podcast delves into the challenges of drug-resistant infections. The conversations featured on this podcast will focus on deconstructing the problem of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and research initiatives aimed at supporting evidence-informed policymaking.

Our first episode features Managing Director of the AMR Policy Accelerator Susan Rogers Van Katwyk & Co-Director of the Global Strategy Lab Mathieu Poirier as they dive deeper into what antimicrobial resistance really means, how AMR expands beyond human health to animals and infrastructure, and some ways that researchers are currently working with a global, interdisciplinary approach to address this issue.

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The Unpacking AMR podcast is a collaborative effort of the SAFE AMR Governance Partnership. Click here Link to learn more about the partnership.


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