GSL Researchers Attend Pandemic Agreement Regional Engagement Series

Employees Work on Laptops and Communicate.

From February 7th to 12th, the Government of Canada convened a series of meetings across the country to discuss Canada’s engagement in the development of a new instrument on pandemic prevention, preparedness and response. These sessions are part of Canada’s broader involvement in the development of a new Pandemic Agreement (PA), which seeks to address policy gaps in preventing, preparing for, and responding to pandemics. 

Dr. Susan Rogers Van Katwyk, Managing Director of the AMR Policy Accelerator at the Global Strategy Lab (GSL), and GSL Research Fellow Professor Roojin Habibi participated in the Pandemic Instrument Regional Engagement Session held in Vancouver focusing on equity within the pandemic agreement. In Toronto, GSL Co-Director Mathieu Poirier also participated in a working group consultation on enhancing capacities to detect, understand, and act on public health threats through improved global cooperation on data standardization and interoperability. 
These sessions built on the Pandemic Instrument Partner and Stakeholder Engagement Forum Link that took place in Ottawa last March. They provided an opportunity for the Government of Canada to update on the Pandemic Agreement’s development and for participants to offer feedback on the negotiating text.  The agreement is set to be presented to the 77th World Health Assembly in May 2024. 

To gain more insights from Dr. Mathieu Poirier regarding his involvement in the discussions and how they could shape our global health trajectory, watch the video below:

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