GSL Director and Research Fellow Give Testimony at INB Consultation Forum

On April 12th, GSL Research Fellow Roojin Habibi, and Director Steven J. Hoffman gave testimony at the WHO INB consultation forum.

Director Steven J. Hoffman commented on the importance of including antimicrobial resistance in pandemic treaty discussions by addressing the full range of future pandemic threats and including enforcement mechanisms to ensure accountability.

Research Fellow Roojin Habibi emphasized the need to address human rights in a new pandemic treaty. She highlighted three recommendations building on the work of the Civil Alliance for Human Rights in the Pandemic Treaty:

  • The treaty must incorporate obligations of international cooperation for public health capacity building; and ensure the availability, accessibility, and quality of diagnostics, vaccines, therapeutics, and other health services in every country.

  • It must provide a framework for human rights-based public health practices in pandemic responses:
    – Prioritization of equity
    – Non-discrimination
    – Transparency in government decision-making
    – Accountability for health outcomes and rights protections

  • Most urgently, it must ensure the full, meaningful and effective participation of all people, including those represented by community-led organizations, in accordance with international human rights law and best practices in global health governance.

    The recordings can be watched here.


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