GSL Releases Update to the International Cigarette Consumption Dataset (Ver. 1.3)

Version 1.3 of the International Cigarette Consuption Dataset (ICCD) is now available on Scholars Portal Dataverse.

First released in June 2019 alongside a systematic documentation of data collection (article) and an impact evaluation of the FCTC (article), we have added to and updated the number of country-years in the ICCD.

The latest update to ICCD (ICCD version 1.3) includes the following additions:

         •       Albania (1990-2013)

         •       East Germany (1970-1989)

         •       Finland (1970-2014)

         •       Iceland (1970-2015)

         •       Latvia (1996-2014)

         •       North Macedonia (1991-2015)

         •       Norway (1970-2014)

         •       West Germany (1970-1989)


And updates to:

         •       Estonia (2002-2014)

         •       Lithuania (1996-2014)


ICCD v1.3 is ready for download on Scholars Portal Dataverse here.


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