New Book Now Available “Public Health Political Science: Integrating Science and Politics for Public Health”

This book on the intersection of public health and political science is now available and freely accessible for downloading. Edited by GSL Senior Investigator Patrick Fafard, GSL Research Director Adèle Cassola and Evelyne de Leeuw, Professor at the University of New South Wales, this book bridges the divide between political science and public health, whilst simultaneously embracing the complexities and differences of both. Although public health is inherently political, the tools and insights of political science are often ignored in public health scholarship. Bringing together academics and researchers working at the intersection of both, the book demonstrates how integrating these fields can help reconcile the roles of politics and scientific evidence in policymaking. It also highlights the key conceptual, methodological and substantive implications for bridging this divide, and charts a path forward for a movement towards political science with public health.

Access the open-access book and chapters here.


May 25, 2022

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