GSL Publishes Commentary in Public Health discussing the Stalemate between Political Science and Public Health

Title card for Public Health journal commentary

On August 11, GSL Associate Director Patrick Fafard and GSL Investigator Adèle Cassola published a commentary in Public Health discussing an apparent stalemate between the disciplines of political science and public health.

In the commentary, Fafard and Cassola investigate why the two disciplines who would appear to be natural partners, work typically in parallel rather than in partnership, resulting in missed opportunities for productive collaboration.

They identify three key challenges to an effective partnership between political science and public health. These include the need for a common language and shared understanding of key concepts; mutual recognition of the complexity and diversity within each field; and a deeper engagement with their conceptual and methodological complementarities and differences.

They also identify the area of evidence-informed policymaking as particularly ripe for productive collaboration between public health and political science.

Read the full article here.


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