GSL Investigator publishes Commentary in the BMJ on Healthcare Workers’ Moral Distress During COVID-19

On June 23, GSL Investigator A.M. Viens published a commentary in the BMJ arguing that while the public has acknowledged healthcare workers’ (HCW) challenges during COVID-19, with regards to long work hours and lack of protective equipment, people have neglected the moral distress the crisis has on HCW.

In the commentary, Viens and his collaborators define moral distress as HCW “[f]eeling ill-prepared or unable to pursue ethically appropriate action – based on personal integrity or professional obligation.”

They conclude that “reducing moral distress and supporting [healthcare workers’] ability to navigate ethical dilemmas, will provide a more resilient workforce that is better able to weather the COVID-19 storm and be in place, ready for the next one.”

Read the full commentary here.


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