GSL Director Discusses the Reopening of Schools in Quebec on CTV News

On May 11, GSL Director Steven Hoffman appeared on the afternoon edition of CTV News to discuss the province of Quebec’s (with the exception of Montreal) decision to reopen its schools.

In the interview, Hoffman explained that we have to think of the countermeasures to COVID-19 as layers of protection. While most of them still have to stay in place, provinces can make strategic choices about which ones they’d like to lift. While Ontario might prioritize business, Quebec has prioritized the school sector.

Asked about kids in Quebec becoming “super-spreaders”, Hoffman argued that the term is a misnomer. There is nothing in kids’ biological makeup that makes them shed the virus more severely. It is rather the environment kids are in. Adults, on average, come in close proximity with 2-5 individuals, kids on the other hand, especially in school setting, with many more. This elevates the potential to pick up infectious diseases.

Hoffman also talked about the precautions schools should take to limit the risks. SInce Canada is a couple of weeks behind Europe in its viral state, we are able to look at measures other countries have taken and if/how they work.

Watch the full interview on the right.


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