GSL Director discusses Sweden’s COVID-19 strategy on Jeff McArthur Show

On May 7, GSL Director Steven Hoffman appeared on 640 Toronto’s Jeff McArthur Show to discuss Sweden’s COVID-19 strategy which included less stringent measures than many other industrialized nations around the world, showing relative success.

In the interview, Hoffman clarified that contrary to media reports, Sweden is not trying to achieve herd immunity with its COVID-19 strategy. A well-funded public health system, trust in institutions and a high degree of civic-mindedness among Swedes are, according to Hoffman, the reasons the government felt comfortable not completely shutting down Sweden’s economy.

We should, however, be mindful, that it is not clear yet if Sweden’s strategy is one a lot of other countries should have adopted. Currently, the country has more COVID-19 cases than its neighbours and the next couple of weeks will show if the route Sweden took could be a model to others or prove to be a disaster with an exponentially growing number of cases

Listen to the full interview on the right.


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