GSL Director Discusses Reopening Borders and International Travel in Global News Article

Empty airport departure hall, save for 3 travellers

On May 4, GSL Director Steven Hoffman was featured in a Global News Article discussing lowering COVID-19 restrictions, and in particular international travel and open borders.

In the article, Hoffman explained that the future of international travel for Canadians depends largely on other countries, but that tourism will still be slow for months to come as long as the 14-day quarantine order stays in place. He further explained, that what many people believe to be a travel ban, is de iure only an advice from the government and that travel is still occurring.

Hoffman further illustrated that current COVID-19 restrictions could be seen as protective layers, that can be peeled off when certain targets are reached. International arrivals to Canada, according to Hoffman, could occur quite imminently if the country feels that its quarantine orders are well-maintained at the borders.

Read the full article here.


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