GSL Director Discusses Latest Ontario COVID-19 Numbers on CBC Ontario Morning

Ambulance in front of Ontario hostpital

Ambulance in front of Ontario hostpital

On April 21, GSL Director Steven Hoffman appeared on CBC Radio’s Ontario Morning to discuss the latest COVID-19 case numbers in Ontario, which show that the province might have reached its case peak early and is flattening the curve.

In the interview, Hoffman called the development “a reason to be cautiously optimistic”. The population, however, is still as vulnerable to the virus as when the government started to implement restrictions to curb the spread of COVID-19. If therefore, Ontario was to lift these restrictions too early, it could once again experience exponential growth in cases.

When asked about if and which industries could open up in the near future, Hoffman said that it would probably make sense to open the province’s health care system again. Putting off elective surgeries can lead to a backup once restrictions get lifted. Therefore, gradually letting elective medical procedures happen, could relieve some of those pressures. The rest of the economy, according to Hoffman, will probably have to wait a few more weeks to see any movement towards normalization.

Listen to the whole interview here (starts at 2:45mins).


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