GSL Director appears on the Roy Green Show to Discuss Canada Flattening the Curve

On April 18, GSL Director Steven Hoffman once again appeared on the Roy Green Show, this time to discuss the first signs of Canada being able to flatten the curve.

In the interview, Hoffman praised the government, public health officials, and the Canadian public at large with their continued effort to stem the tide of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, while these latest numbers show signs of improvements, Hoffman made it clear, that lifting restrictions at this point in time would just reset the situation we were facing back in February with the highest risk of community transmission.

Green and Hoffman also discussed the comments of a former Canadian Justice Minister, that said late last week, that Canada should use punishing legal measures against China for violating international law. Hoffman said that while China has likely violated international law for their delayed reporting of COVID-19 case numbers, they are not the sole culprit. Countries like the US and Australia have introduced selective travel bans that also violate binding international law. These proposed proceedings, however, should only be discussed after a slowdown in the pandemic, since the most important thing at the moment is international collaboration.

Listen to the full show on the right. Steven Hoffman’s segment is at the top of the show and lasts about 10 mins.


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