GSL Director co-authors Journal Article advocating for a global public health convention in the Lancet

The Lancet: A global public health convention for the 21st century

On May 5, 21 global health scholars and leaders including GSL Director Steven Hoffman published an article in the Lancet arguing the need for a new framework for global collective action that ensures conformity with international regulations and promotes prevention and responses to pandemic infectious diseases.

In the article, the authors argue that a new proposed global Health Policy identifies the necessary characteristics for a new global public health security convention designed to optimize prevention, preparedness, and response to pandemic infectious diseases.

They propose ten recommendations to strengthen global public health governance and promote compliance with global health security regulations. Recommendations for a new global public health security convention include:

  • greater authority for a global governing body

  • an improved ability to respond to pandemics

  • an objective evaluation system for national core public health capacities

  • more effective enforcement mechanisms

  • independent and sustainable funding

  • representativeness

  • investment from multiple sectors, among others

Read the full article here.


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