GSL and research partners publish article on Reshaping Global Health Law to include Human Rights post-COVID

HHR: Reshaping Global Health Law in the Wake of COVID-19 to uphold human rights

On June 1, GSL Research Fellow Roojin Habibi, GSL Director Steven Hoffman and research partners of the Global Health Law Consortium and the International Commission of Jurists published an article in the Health Human Rights Journal and Opinio Juris to argue that in the wake of COVID-19 Global Health Law has to explicitly be shaped around human rights.

In the article, Habibi et al. call on governments and multilateral institutions to act expeditiously to recognize the inextricable linkages between public health and human rights as they prepare for treaty deliberations in late 2021.

They propose:

  1. Harmonizing global health law and human rights law

  2. Realizing the right to health through capacity building of public health systems

  3. Facilitating international cooperation through global governance

Read the full article here.


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