GSL Co-Director Mathieu Poirier Featured On Global News Radio Show: A Little More Conversation With Ben O’Hara-Byrne

On March 6, 2023 GSL Co-Director Mathieu Poirier was featured on the Global News radio show: A Little More Conversation with Ben O’Hara-Byrne Link
Professor Poirier discussed findings on GSL’s latest research Link on the effectiveness of border closures and what they could mean for international efforts to control the spread of infectious diseases.  

The study examined the impact of border closures during the COVID-19 pandemic on the spread of the virus. Poirier and GSL team members analyzed data from 166 countries that had implemented border closures in 2020 and found that these measures had limited effectiveness in containing the virus. 

The lab’s Co-Director explained that border closures can have unintended consequences, such as disrupting global supply chains and discouraging transparent reporting of disease outbreaks. He emphasized that a more effective approach to controlling the spread of infectious diseases would involve coordinated global action and investments in public health systems. 
Hit play on the video to listen to the interview. 


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