Making Rights Matter In Post-Pandemic Reforms

On October 5, Ottawa Health Law, Policy and Ethics hosted a presentation by Roojin Habibi, where she addressed three critical aspects related to rights protections in pandemic preparedness reforms. These key points shed light on the significance of human rights in shaping pandemic reform initiatives and the need to ensure a more robust incorporation of these rights into global health law.

Here is a breakdown of Roojin’s presentation:

  1. Understanding the Link between Human Rights and Pandemic Reforms
    Roojin began by addressing the fundamental question of why human rights are crucial in the context of pandemic reforms. To establish a foundational understanding, the presentation explored the intricate connections between human rights principles and the necessary reforms required to mitigate the impact of pandemics.
  2. Assessing Current Global Health Law Reform Processes
    The second focal point of the presentation involved a brief survey of the ongoing global health law reform processes. Roojin aimed to gauge whether these processes adequately consider and address human rights concerns. This critical evaluation provides valuable insights into the existing gaps in incorporating human rights into pandemic preparedness and response strategies.
  3. Advancing Human Rights in the International Legal System
    Finally, Roojin emphasized the imperative to rethink and enhance the role of human rights within the international legal system. Drawing from lessons learned and recognizing that current global health law reforms may fall short in this regard, the presentation explored innovative ways to promote and protect human rights more broadly on the global stage.

Roojin underscored the vital role that human rights play in shaping pandemic preparedness reforms and highligted the need for a more comprehensive and rights-centric approach in the ongoing global health law reform processes.

Learn more about Roojin’s presentation here Link .


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