GSL Research Fellow Publishes Article on Governing Evidence Use in the Nutrition Policy Process

On January 19, GSL Research Fellow Isaac Weldon published an article in Nutrition Reviews titled, “Governing evidence use in the nutrition policy process: evidence and lessons from the 2020 Canada food guide.”

Nutrition guideline development is traditionally seen as a mechanism by which evidence is used to inform policy decisions. However, applying evidence in policy is a decidedly complex and politically embedded process, with no single universally agreed-upon body of evidence on which to base decisions, and multiple social concerns to address. Rather than simply calling for “evidence-based policy,” an alternative is to look at the governing features of the evidence use system and reflect on what constitutes improved evidence use from a range of explicitly identified normative concerns. 

This study evaluates the use of evidence within the Canada Food Guide policy process by applying concepts of the “good governance of evidence” – an approach that incorporates multiple normative principles of scientific and democratic best practice to consider the structure and functioning of evidence advisory systems. The findings indicate that institutionalizing a process for evidence use grounded in democratic and scientific principles can improve evidence use in nutrition policy making.

The full article can be read here.


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