GSL Investigator awarded funding for research project on wildlife markets and zoonotic pandemics

 Splindid animal market, Malang City (Muhammad Solikin, Shutterstock)

On June 25, GSL Investigator Tarra Penney, in collaboration with DIGHR’s Mary Wiktorowicz, was awarded funding by York University to start a multi-disciplinary research project in which they plan to evaluate the governance of wildlife markets in countries where zoonotic epidemics and pandemics emerged.

A multi-disciplinary team of investigators including GSL’s A.M Viens, as well as York University’s Cary Wu, James Orbinski, Peter Tsasis and Shital Desai, co-investigators Hélène Carabin and Cécile Aenishaenslin of Université de Montréal and Kerry Bowman of University of Toronto and country collaborators will evaluate the governance gap by integrating an institutional, legal and systems analysis of how wildlife markets intersect with livelihoods, cultural practices and food security. The findings will inform international, national and local governance, policy and implementation.


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