GSL Director Quoted in Globe and Mail Article on Canadian COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution

On December 1, GSL Director Steven Hoffman was quoted in a Globe and Mail Article discussing the timeline of COVID-19 distribution in Canada. Vaccine manufacturer Moderna had announced prior to the article that Canada would receive a part of the “first batch” of vaccines shipped globally, with a second large delivery expected in early 2021. Questions had been swirling about how fast Health Canada would be able to approve the vaccine.

In the article, Hoffman argued that it would be production speed, rather than red tape, that will slow down the distribution of a COVID-19 vaccine in Canada. He further explained that due to a deal the federal government made with Moderna and other manufacturers early in the pandemic, that Canada would be at the front of the line to receive vaccine shipments. On the other hand, however, Hoffman said it is concerning that low- and middle-income countries on the other hand will have to wait. The consequences from this inequality, he argued, would be felt “in every country in the world.”

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December 2, 2020

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