GSL Director Quoted in a Hill Times Article discussing the Timing of Reopening the Border

Vancouver Airport

On April 27, GSL Director Steven Hoffman was featured in an article of the Hill Times discussing the timing of reopening the Canadian Border. While other public health experts in the piece argued that the border should remain closed until COVID-19 is under control in Canada and other countries are hitting the same checkmarks, Hoffman explained that partial border openings could be in the relative near future.

In the article, he argued that it could be one of the first steps of lifting certain COIVD-19 restrictions. If Canada as a country has confidence in its 14-day quarantine plan, there should be no reason why, according to Hoffman, to borders couldn’t be opened to travel. He clarified in the piece, that by travel he does not mean tourism. Tourists would probably stay away anyways if it meant to remain in quarantine for two weeks. However, non-traditional families, for example, which had been separated by these measures, could be reunited.

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