GSL Director Featured in CBC Article on COVID-19 Community Transmission

Drive-through Covid-19 testing site

On March 17, GSL Director Steven Hoffman was quoted in a CBC article discussing the new government measures put in place in the Greater Toronto Area and the likelihood of community transmission of COVID-19. Community transmission refers to public health experts’ inability to track a large number of confirmed cases along a clear chain back to an original source, according to the World Health Organization. 

In the article, Hoffman argued that community transmission is likely to continue in the near future and that “[f]or every case that we can’t identify where it came from, we know there are probably some others out there that we don’t yet know about.” Steven Hoffman further explained that when a case is identified we technically look at the shadow of the spreading disease:

“Every time we identify new cases, that actually represents information from a few days ago, right?” From the time someone is infected, shows symptoms, gets a test, several days have passed — so we’re always, in a sense, looking at a shadow of the latest information.”

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