Accelerating global action against antimicrobial resistance for a healthier, safer, and more equitable future.

Addressing AMR in pandemic instrument design

Can WHO’s pandemic instrument be designed to address a wider range of pandemic threats? The Policy Accelerator advises on how the pandemic instrument could be made more comprehensive.examines developing a more comprehensive pandemic instrument.

Global commitments on AMR
are changing

Antimicrobial resistance has generated an unprecedented amount of global attention since the launch of the Global Action Plan (GAP) on AMR. Our research explores how global commitments on AMR have changed and adapted since 2015.

Learning from climate governance

The Paris Agreement successfully mobilized collective action to protect a shared global common-pool resource and mitigate and adapt to the impacts of climate change. What are the takeaways for managing AMR?

Our Approach

Based at the Global Strategy Lab at York University, the AMR Policy Accelerator combines rigorous research expertise with the client-focus and agility of consultancies. Our research and advisory services benefit from a One Health approach that recognizes human, animal and environmental health are interconnected. Learn more about the AMR Policy Accelerator’s services and how we can help you address antimicrobial resistance.

Rapid Response Advisory Services

Developed to respond to urgent real-world policy needs. We provide clients with customized evidence-based advice on AMR policy options, implementation, evaluation, ethics, and sex- and gender-based analysis. We scale our solutions based on clients’ timelines and resources. We champion accessibility by offering dynamic pricing and subsidies for expert consulting services for LMICs.

Policy Proposal

Using our in-house expertise and working with a global network of experts, we incorporate scientific and policy engagement activities to critically examine AMR policy issues using a One Health approach. We widely disseminate the resulting research, policy findings and knowledge products to support informed AMR decision-making.


Our capacity-building efforts support policy learning and research around the world. We host policy internships, fellowships, and knowledge mobilization workshops aimed at strengthening AMR capacity among policymakers and emerging leaders, with an emphasis on inviting participants from low- and middle-income countries (LMICs).

About Us

The AMR Policy Accelerator uses research and evidence to advise the world’s governments, public health institutions and decision makers on policies to ensure sustainable antimicrobial use for everyone.

The impact of AMR is far-reaching with consequences for human health, the global economy, the environment and global health equity–and the magnitude of this problem grows every year.

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