Our Approach

The AMR Policy Accelerator addresses AMR policy research gaps and supports effective global and national policymaking with the ultimate aim of sustainable antimicrobial use for everyone. We incorporate a One Health approach by bringing together academics, civil society actors and policymakers from all sectors for a diverse set of perspectives on AMR. We are committed to integrating equity considerations in our advisory services.

Our Rapid Response Advisory Services support policymakers in governments, civil society organizations and international agencies by responding to urgent requests for synthesized and expert evidence to support real-time decision-making processes.

Advisory services are tailored to policymakers’ timelines, available resources and needs, and range from consultations and policy guidance based on international standards and best-practices, to context-specific projects with applied quantitative analysis and advice based on interviews with local stakeholders. Our services can be scaled to provide different levels of response within 3, 10, 30, 60, and 90 business day windows.

Types of advisory support offered

Evidence Synthesis

Synthesis of high-quality resources, interviews with experts, and detailed analyses

Policy Options

Standard and tailored policy options, contextualized to local considerations

Knowledge Mobilization

Consultations, personalized briefings, and in-house seminars

Implementation & Evaluation

Best practices, analysis of options, and on-call technical input

Ethics & Sex-and-gender-based analysis+

Best practices, detailed exploration of considerations, and contextualized guidance

Convening Policy Proposals

Convening policymakers and academics to seed and socialize AMR policy proposals

A future with sustainable antimicrobial use for everyone is important to us. Our bespoke advisory services are offered at a competitive price point with subsidized services available for low- and middle- income countries (LMICs).

To discuss any of our services or other unique solutions to your policy needs: