Five Principles for Governing AMR as a Socio-ecological Challenge

The study ‘“Fit for Purpose?” Assessing the Ecological Fit of the Social Institutions that Globally Govern Antimicrobial Resistance’, provides a new perspective on the global institutions that govern antimicrobial resistance (AMR). Instead of fighting AMR as “a medical condition”, the study argues that we need to design robust institutions that sustainably manage the social and ecological factors accelerating AMR. 

It introduces five new principles for building institutions to better harmonize the relationship between human microbial ecosystems, while maintaining our ability to treat infectious disease:

Infographic showing 5 principles for Governing AMR as a Socio-ecological Challenge


December 19, 2023

Public Health Decision-making is More Than Just “Following the Science”


January 12, 2024

The War on AMR is not working: a new ecological perspective on AMR offers insights for global governance