Program Types: Global Legal Epidemiology

Project | April 3, 2023

Can Border Closures Control a Pandemic?

The rapid implementation of targeted and total border closures at the beginning of the COVID-19 lockdown in 2020 spurred frustration and confusion amidst travelers and scientific advisory councils. Did these measures have an effect on slowing the circulation of the pandemic, and were they justified as a means to protect...

Project | September 8, 2022

Most Existing International Treaties Do Not Work

How can policymakers make treaties more effective? With new treaties routinely called and drafted, it is imperative these instruments are evaluated for whether they serve their intended purpose. We use innovative global legal epidemiological methods to assess whether and under what conditions treaties are helpful in addressing global challenges.

Publication | August 1, 2022

International treaties have mostly failed to produce their intended effects Link


Steven J. Hoffman, Prativa Baral, Susan Rogers Van Katwyk, Lathika Sritharan, Matthew Hughsam, Harkanwal Randhawa, Gigi Lin, Sophie Campbell, Brooke Campus, Maria Dantas, Neda Foroughian, Gaelle Groux, Elliot Gunn, Gordon Guyattd, Roojin Habibi, Mina Karabit, Aneesh Karir, Krista Kruja, John N. Lavisc, Olivia Lee, Binxi Li, Ranjana Nagi, Kiyuri Naicker, John-Arne Røttingeng, Nicola Sahar, Archita Srivastava, Ali Tejpar, Maxwell Tran, Yu-qing Zhangd, Qi Zhoud, Mathieu J.P. Poirier