Undergraduate And Master’s Students

At GSL, we offer a range of opportunities to students who are pursuing or have recently earned their degrees. Undergraduate and Master’s students who join us as Research Assistants gain valuable skills and experience by working closely with our research team on GSL projects. We also periodically offer Post-Bachelor Fellowships, which provide those who have recently completed their Bachelor’s degree with the opportunity to join the Lab for an extended period of time and broaden their skillset before pursuing a graduate degree.

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Hear from team members who joined us as students about their experience at GSL, tips for success, and how their careers have evolved:

Ranjana Nagi, Research Fellow

“My role allowed me to develop valuable research skills in data collection, synthesis, analysis, visualization, and academic writing. It was rewarding to know that much of the research we did went on to inform key policy decisions.”

When I joined GSL as a Post-Bachelor-Fellow and then later as a Research Assistant, I was exposed to a range of different research methods while working with a truly interdisciplinary team to solve some of the most pressing global health challenges of our time. Together, we investigated a variety of research questions in global antimicrobial resistance, global legal epidemiology, and public health institutions and policy.

The best part was being able to do all that in a collaborative and supportive environment, attributed only to the genuine kindness and inspiring brilliance of my team members. The exposure to different health research challenges and learning the importance of methods training at the Lab, coupled with my passion to make an impact in global health, has led me to the current stage in my career — pursuing an MSc in International Health Policy at the London School of Economics and Political Science. In this program, I aspire to extend my knowledge of health policy, become more proficient in quantitative methods, and hopefully continue applying my skills in a full-time research capacity upon graduation.

Andrea Morales Caceres, Research Fellow

“Being a Research Assistant for the Public Health Institutions stream at GSL has provided me with a valuable work experience and insight into global health policy.”

Prior to joining the Lab, it was an important goal for me to obtain a higher level of knowledge on global health, as this area often intersects with many of the global issues I’m interested in. The opportunity to work on some fascinating and crucial research projects further strengthened this belief and allowed me to see first-hand the importance of thorough research in shaping future policy decisions. The interdisciplinary nature of the Lab was central to making this happen, in addition to its very approachable research team and collaborative work environment. As someone currently pursuing a Master in Global Affairs, I hope to further use this GSL experience as I take on a research course in my final year and in future career paths once I graduate.

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