GSL-Affiliated Doctral Students

PhD students who are supervised by a GSL Investigator and are pursuing research projects that align with GSL’s core research streams, have the opportunity to be affiliated with GSL and benefit from its intellectual community. While GSL-affiliated doctoral students are primarily funded through their departments, students may have the opportunity to work with our team as paid Research Fellows when project-based openings match their skills and interests.

GSL-affiliated doctoral students have access to an active and rich interdisciplinary research environment, enjoy opportunities to engage with cutting-edge global health initiatives, and benefit from the mentorship and guidance of our Investigators, who are leaders in their fields. GSL also provides students with opportunities to develop skills in new methodological and substantive areas and to build connections through meetings and events. All GSL-affiliated PhD students have a profile on our website and access to our purpose-built Toronto offices. They may also have opportunities to present GSL research at conferences and mentor more junior researchers.

GSL is conscious of students’ responsibilities to meet their commitments to their university, department, program, and funding bodies. As a result, we prioritize clarity and open communication about how students’ GSL roles relate to their broader doctoral training.

Students who are supervised by a GSL Investigator and who wish to be designated as GSL-affiliated PhD students should send an email request to the GSL Director for approval. PhD students who do not have a GSL Investigator as a supervisor may also be eligible for research positions posted on our opportunities page.

Hear from current and past GSL PhD Students about their experience at GSL, tips for success, and how their careers have evolved:

Isaac Weldon, Research Fellow

“Since starting at GSL I’ve had countless opportunities to gain first-hand experience in developing and applying concepts from my studies in a unique hands-on and applied setting.”

The fast-paced, applied, and interdisciplinary nature of the lab’s work has advanced my research interests and research skills to new heights. With an applied focus that draws from and builds on the academic skills learned in the classroom, GSL has provided me several chances to see the impact that high-quality, solutions-driven research can have in enacting meaningful change in health policy at home and around the world. 

As a Research Fellow at GSL, I’ve had the chance to explore multidisciplinary and cutting-edge approaches to relevant issues across a broad range of topics while learning from the lab’s talented mentors. Learning from a wide range of expertise has broadened my perspective and expanded my intellectual tool-kit for approaching today’s health challenges. Additionally, the lab’s focus on creating meaningful dialogue with policymakers has provided several opportunities to apply these new perspectives and tools in well-integrated, high-level policy-research partnerships with real-world implications for improving global and domestic health. 

To be able to pursue a degree while participating in a world-leading research program has enabled a two-way exchange between what I learn in the classroom and first-hand at the lab. The mutually reinforcing relationship between my work at GSL and in my PhD has strengthened my understanding of the challenges and opportunities at the intersection of research and policy in health, at home and around the world. 

Roojin Habibi, Research Fellow

“Working with Prof. Steven Hoffman and the Global Strategy Lab for over four years has been one of the most formative experiences of my legal and global health training thus far.”

Prof. Hoffman has the unique ability to see and inspire a future global health leader in each of his students. Further, through bold engagement with the critical and fast-paced research and advisory work carried out  by the Lab and the WHO Collaborating Centre, trainees have the platform to amplify their voice, skills and ultimately, potential.  

Are you supervised by a GSL Investigator and interested in becoming a GSL-Affiliated Doctoral Student?
Send your application including your CV, transcripts, and references to the GSL Director for review.