GSL Director Interviewed on CBC Radio Across Canada About new Quarantine Act Measures

Steven Hoffman in radio story

On March 25, GSL Director Steven Hoffman was interviewed on eight* afternoon and evening CBC radio programs across Canada to discuss the latest measures put in place by the Canadian government to fight the spread of COVID-19. On Wednesday, March 25, the government had announced that Canadians returning from abroad and any other arrivals would be mandated to self-isolate for 14 days. Up until that point, self-isolation was on a voluntary basis.

In the interviews, Hoffman argued that the government likely took this step and invoked these new measures under the 2005 Quarantine Act, because they did not see the Canadian public follow the strong recommendations that preceded this step. As to how the government plans to enforce this mandated isolation, Hoffman said that since this is the first time the Quarantine Act covers so many people it is questionable.

*Steven Hoffman appeared on the following CBC programs:

  1. Here and Now (Greater Toronto Area, ON)

  2. Mainstreet NS (Nova Scotia)

  3. Shift (New Brunswick)

  4. On the Go (Newfoundland and Labrador)

  5. Mainstreet PEI (Prince Edward Island)

  6. On the Coast (British Columbia)

  7. Afternoon Drive (London/Windsor, ON)

  8. Up to Speed (Manitoba)


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