GSL Director interviewed on CBC News to discuss Ontario’s COVID-19 messaging

Hoffman interviewed by Natasha Fatah on CBC News

On November 21, GSL Director Steven Hoffman joined CBC News’ Natasha Fatah to discuss Ontario’s mixed Ontario’s COVID-19 messaging.

In the interview, Hoffman discussed some Ontarian’s confusion about the sometimes contradicting messaging strategy employed by the provincial government: colour-coded systems, stages, ever-changing gathering limits, school closures…

He mentioned that even as a public health specialist he found some of the province’s guidelines hard to follow but acknowledged that no pandemic response is ever perfect. He lamented, however, that public officials are reluctant to share new data points or a long-term strategy.

Prompted by the interviewer, about how consistent messaging has been across Canada, Hoffman alluded to GSL’s study analyzing the communication strategies of provincial chief medical officers of health (CMOH) in the early weeks of the outbreak.

Watch part 1 and part 2 of the CBC interview.
Watch a video on our CMOH study below:


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