GSL Associate Director Discusses Canada’s COVID-19 Management on Radio-Canada

Eileen De Villa press conference

On April 6, GSL Associate Director Patrick Fafard appeared on “Les matins d’ici” on Radio-Canada to discuss Canada’s COVID-19 management and GSL’s research into COVID-19 communication.

In the interview, Fafard explained the interconnected emergency health care system in Canada with Chief Public Health Officers (CPHOs) on a provincial and federal level taking the lead in cooperation with the prime minister and the provincial premiers. He praised the public health leaders on all jurisdictional levels, most of whom are women, and have achieved somewhat of a “rockstar” status. Eileen de Villa,  the Medical Officer of Health for the City of Toronto, for example, has inspired a Twitter account only commenting on her daily choice of scarf.

Fafard also introduced GSL’s latest research project “Communicating COVID-19: Public Health Leaders in a Comparative Perspective”. In it, we are planning on investigating senior public health leaders’ communication efforts in response to COVID-19. To read more about this research project, click here.

To listen to Patrick Fafard’s full interview on Radio-Canada (in French) click here.


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