Join us for a conversation with Dr. Susan Rogers Van Katwyk and Dr. Mathieu Poirier as we dive deeper into what antimicrobial resistance really means, how AMR expands beyond human health to animals and infrastructure, and some ways that researchers are currently working with a global, interdisciplinary approach to address this issue.

This summary for the academic publication “Fit for Purpose?” Assessing the Ecological
Fit of the Social Institutions that Globally Govern Antimicrobial Resistance, highlights the need for robust institutions that sustainably manage the social and ecological factors accelerating AMR. It provides 5 design principles for building institutions to better harmonize the relationship between human and microbial ecosystems.

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, many leaders said they were “following the science” when making public health decisions. This article fills a gap in existing research by examining how the phrase “following the science” misrepresents the role of scientific evidence in policymaking, the relationship among politicians and public health officials, and the locus of accountability for public health decisions.