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Ranjana Nagi

Research Fellow

Ranjana Nagi is an interdisciplinary health policy professional. Currently, Ranjana serves as a Policy Analyst at the Public Health Agency of Canada and holds the position of Research Fellow at Global Strategy Lab’s AMR Policy Accelerator. Having obtained her honours BSc in Global Health from York University and an MSc in International Health Policy from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), Ranjana has over four years of experience in academic research, biopharmaceutical companies, and consulting. Passionate about applying rigorous research methods to shape health policy decision-making, she has played crucial roles in various research projects at the Global Strategy Lab. Some of Ranjana’s notable contributions at the lab include research to understand the role of Senior Public Health Officials, explore how AMR impacts migrant and refugee populations, and assess the effectiveness of international treaties in addressing global challenges.

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